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Publication: 16 Jun 2022

Increases in conflict, displacement, persistent drought, and water scarcity, and spikes in food prices are threatening lives and driving a massive humanitarian crisis across multiple countries around the globe. The global Food Security, Health, Nutrition, and WASH Clusters — humanitarian organizations working together in each of these sectors — are united in…

Publication: 16 Jun 2022

Welcome to the fifth edition of the GWC 2022 Monthly Newsletter! We are pleased to share in this issue the GWC capacity development updates, the new GWC Women in WASH Coordination Initiative, key updates from technical working groups, operational updates from the field, and fresh news from partner organizations including OCHA, the German…

Publication: 30 May 2022

GWC started a new initiative, Women in WASH coordination. Currently only 19% of national WASH cluster coordinators and 22% of Information Management Officers are women. There is little information related to Women’s Rights Organizations’ (WROs) participation in NHWCP even though it is a requirement of IASC Localization guidance. In order to address this gender gap…

Publication: 10 May 2022

We are delighted to launch the Global WASH Cluster (GWC)'s Strategic Plan 2022-2025.

The GWC’s Strategic Plan 2022–2025 sets out the direction for collective commitment around joint action to be achieved through a common vision, mission and objectives, supported by shared values.

The strategy is a result of collaboration and contributions from GWC’…

Publication: 09 May 2022

The State of the Hand Hygiene Report, published by UNICEF and WHO, is now available in French.

The simple act of cleaning hands can save lives and reduce illness by helping prevent the spread of infectious diseases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, hand hygiene received unprecedented attention and became a central pillar in national COVID prevention…

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The Global WASH Cluster’s (GWC) Annual Meeting will be an opportunity to present the 2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan. This will allow for time for looking back at previous achievements and challenges from the previous strategic cycle and focus on moving forward providing an overview of the next strategy, along with the revised governance structure and membership. The…

From: Mon, 16/05/2022
To: Tue, 17/05/2022

The 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM), hosted by the Government of Indonesia, is taking place on 18-19 May 2022, in Jakarta. Building on previous Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) High-level Meetings (HLMs), the 2022 SMM is a critical opportunity to link with other sectors, with a view towards increasing the prioritization of water, sanitation, and hygiene…

From: Wed, 18/05/2022
To: Thu, 19/05/2022

Invite only. The Emergency Environmental Health Forum will take place on 18th and 19th May 2022. Kindly note that in-person participation will be limited to fully vaccinated attendees only. Any participant should have received their second vaccine dose at least 14 days before the event.    

From: Wed, 18/05/2022
To: Thu, 19/05/2022

The Engineering Institute of the UNAM organized the first two YWP congresses, the first in Mexico City in 2008 and the second in the City of Querétaro in 2010. The third edition of this event was organized in 2013 by the Instituto Potosino de Scientific and Technological Research (IPICYT) in the City of San Luis Potosí, the fourth edition by the University of…

From: Wed, 25/05/2022
To: Tue, 31/05/2022

Today, millions of women and girls* around the world are stigmatised, excluded and discriminated against simply because they menstruate. It’s not acceptable that because of a natural bodily function women and girls continue to be prevented from getting an education, earning an income and fully and equally participating in everyday life. While Menstrual Hygiene Day…

From: Sat, 28/05/2022
To: Sat, 28/05/2022

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