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GWC Field Support Team Project - Structural Review Consultancy (UNICEF - ACF)

The Global WASH Cluster (GWC) Field Support Team (FST) mechanism has been established as a rapid response team to support coordination of WASH in emergency contexts. The FST, via several iterations, now consists of several organizations (UNICEF, ACF, NCA, OXFAM, IMMAP and IMPACT) with 8 surge positions shared between 3 functions: 4 WASH Cluster Coordinators, 3 Information Managers and 1 Coordinated Assessment Specialist. The current FST consortium model is led since November 2020 by Action Contre la Faim (ACF). The previous Structural Review took place in early 2017. The current period is a good opportunity to review and agree to reform priorities for 2022 and beyond.

The consultant will identify and address issues in the FST project & consortium structures, ways of working, relationships and specializations to give an overview of lessons and recommendations for the next phases of the FST project. The consultant should centralize the assessment around a SWOT analysis methodology, to be presented during a workshop in September 2021, in order to be validated and implemented in the following phases of the project (Project 5 and beyond).

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