GWC Annual Events 2021 - Recordings and Materials


The 25th Global WASH Cluster’s (GWC) Annual Meeting Main Event was hosted virtually and online from 19th – 23rd April 2021. The meeting was co-convened by the Government of the Netherlands and the Dutch Surge Support, with ICT support from MWEE. This event brought together more than 80 WASH partners, national cluster coordination platforms, academia, and national governments from around the globe and provided an opportunity for dynamic discussions that reflected upon sectoral strategies, coordination, partnerships and leadership by reviewing progress to date, identifying gaps, priorities, and key recommendations and gaining valuable insights to drive the GWC’s Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025 and to shape the future of the cluster.  The GWC’s Annual Meeting was co-hosted through the generous support and kind contribution from the Government of Netherlands and the Dutch Surge Support (DSS). We are especially thankful to Sandra Cats, Tika Meijer, Miriam Salomons and the colleagues from MWEE, Jolein Foks and Matthieu Wijnen for the ICT support.





Following the annual meeting, the GWC’s Satellite Event was hosted virtually and online from 26–30th April 2021. This was a first-of-its-kind event and included18 participatory and collaborative sessions hosted by a wide range of partners representing the humanitarian WASH sector and beyond. The sessions covered a diverse array of topics, including localisation, GBV and gender, cash and markets, accountability and quality assurance, capacity building and learning, and operational research related to humanitarian coordination in the WASH sector.

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