Dear WASH Cluster/Sector Coordinators, Information Managers and UNICEF Regional Emergency WASH Specialist Colleagues,

The Global WASH Cluster (GWC) would like to invite colleagues working in humanitarian WASH clusters/sectors to the National WASH Cluster Coordination (NCC) Workshop. The theme for this year is “Strategic Planning and Advocacy Tools for National Humanitarian WASH Coordination Platforms”

This annual event brings together our global network of professionals working in humanitarian WASH coordination, providing a platform to: 

  1. Expand your knowledge base and skills related to WASH coordination 
  2. Share experiences and best practices from fellow field practitioners 
  3. Receive technical input that is tailored to the needs of your WASH coordination platform

The workshop will provide participants with strengthened WASH coordination skills applicable to building a robust and comprehensive cluster strategy with maximum stakeholder buy-in and quality of response impact throughout the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) and including inter-sectoral linkages. The tools proposed in the strategy development process will be applicable not only for short-term response strategies, but also for annual strategy development in the HPC and for the development of a comprehensive WASH Cluster/Sector Strategic Operational Framework (SOF). The training will strengthen NHWCP staff capacity and commitment through the following phases of developing a WASH Cluster Strategic Operational Framework:


  1. Preparation for Strategy Development
  2. How to gather evidence and determine needs, including Secondary Data Review, needs assessment and context analysis, gap analysis, PIN calculation
  3. How to plan a harmonized response, including partner capacity assessment
  4. How to ensure alignment and continuity, including transition from cluster to sector, humanitarian development nexus (HDN)
  5. How to develop monitoring tools and plan
  6. How to finalize the Strategy

Event Details

  • Dates: April 20-24, 2020 
  • Location: UNICEF Global Shared Services Centre, Budapest
  • Costs: 5 days of accommodation (including breakfast during the workshop) are covered by the GWC (funded by SDC). Participant's organizations/ country offices are required to cover the cost of flights and DSA (for UN staff it would be estimated at 30% of full DSA)
  • Max participants: The workshop will be limited to around 25 participants 

Who Should Attend?
The NCC workshop is intended to engage with a wide network of coordination professionals engaged in formal humanitarian Cluster and Sector platforms, this includes:

  • National Cluster/Sector Coordinators (UNICEF)
  • National Cluster/Sector Co-Coordinators & Co-Facilitators (NGOs)
  • National Cluster/Sector Information Management Officers (UNICEF/NGOs)

The 2020 NCC is an intermediate level training aimed at those with pre-existing knowledge and experience in WASH in humanitarian coordination




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Global WASH Cluster
Budapest, Hungary