Field Support Team mechanism

The Field Support Team (FST) mechanism is the principle means for Global WASH Cluster to provide Operational Support to National Humanitarian WASH Cluster Platforms (NCP).  The current FST structure evolved from the initial use of a Rapid Response Team in the early years of the cluster.  In the past the FST has been led by International Federation of Red Cross and by Norwegian Church Aid.

The current FST Consortium is led by Action Contre la Faim-France and includes Oxfam-GB, NCA, iMMAP and Impact (Ch).  The consortium operates under a mandated given by the Global WASH Cluster’s Strategic Advisory Group and seeks to secure independent funding for the deployment operations.

The FST provides support through surge deployments, remote support and global support to NHWCP in achieving the seven IASC Core Functions of coordination.  The current FST includes 4 cluster coordinators, 3 information management specialists and 1 coordinated assessment specialist.  The FST Consortium can supply additional staff on consultancy basis. 

 To request support from the FST (or additional members) please review the services available and request process on the Operational Support section.  For an overview of the support provided by the FST in 2020 please see the FST dashboard.

For reading success stories from FST mechanism deployment in 2021, please read the GWC monthly newsletter. Also see the recent article on FST and humanitarian coordination.

The new FST flyers for national platforms and donors are now available.


The FST surge team Members:

  • Ewan Chainey – Cluster Coordinator, Oxfam-GB
  • Abdoulaye Diallo – Cluster Coordinator, ACF-France
  • Karl Lellouche – Cluster Coordinator, NCA
  • Rebecka Rydberg – Assessment Specialist, Impact
  • Alexandra Karkouli – Information Management Specialist, NCA
  • Jason Searle - Information Management Specialist, iMMAP
  • Haitham Farag – Information Management Specialist, NCA

Additional Support Members:

  • Marij Zwart – Fecal Sludge Management Coordinator, Netherlands Red Cross
  • Vacant Position- People Centred Programming Coordinator, Norwegian Refugee Committe
  • Dana Truhlarove – Cash Advisor, UNICEF

FST Services Satisfaction Survey, December 2020 report

Field Support for National Coordination Platforms

FST Dashboard