Objectives The TWiG identified 4 core objectives for 2017 - 2018.

The sub - objectives as well as corresponding activities

  • Objective 1: Assist the national WASH platforms by providing assessment - related guidance and sharing tools as well as good practices
  • Objective 2: Develop reference documents to increase knowledge and capacity of WASH Cluster partners with regards to assessment
  • Objective 3 : Strengthen WASH Cluster involvement in multisectoral assessment initiatives and discussions to ensure proper and harmonized collection of WASH indicators in coordinated and joint assessments
  • Objective 4: Provide strategic guidance to the WASH Cluster on assessment - related initiatives and activities


  • The TWiG should comprise approximately ten individuals represent ing a variety of agencies and skill sets in relation to assessments. The Assessment Field Support Team ( FST ) member will be responsible for chairing the TWiG. Members should come at a minimum from NGOs, UN agencies, and IOs, but relevant academic or research represent atives will also be encouraged. The final composition of this TWiG will be reviewed and agreed b y the Strategic Advisory Group ( SAG ) .
  • Beyond the TWiG membership, it is expected that relevant individuals or institutions will be invited to contribute on specific aspects of the TWiG workplan as and when needed. Duration • The TwiG members commit to parti cipation on a yearly basis . The detailed objectives and corresponding workplan are to be designed for a 6 month period, after which the plan should be revised and updated as needed.

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