Pre-Crisis Market Mapping and Analysis (PCMMA) Webinar

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Date: February 25th from 9-10:30 am EST
Location: Webinar

Last year the IRC and Oxfam collaborated to develop a Pre-Crisis Market Mapping and Analysis (PCMMA) Guidance document. This guidance is designed to support practitioners and decision makers carry out market analysis in pre-crisis contexts. We are now happy to formally announce the PCMMA guidance and to invite practitioners to an informative webinar launch event.

What Is PCMMA?

The PCMMA is a practical, step-by-step resource to guide market analysis practitioners and team leaders to conduct market assessments prior to emergencies in order to anticipate how markets will respond after a shock occurs. Although based loosely on the EMMA methodology, the PCMMA does not replace existing market analysis tools, rather it is intended to provide a guide to applying those tools in pre-crisis contexts. The PCMMA is available for download via the EMMA Website and the Markets in Crises dgroup resource library.

Undertaking market analysis before a crisis can improve preparedness, feed into contingency planning efforts and contribute to the design of disaster risk reduction programs by identifying certain parts of market systems which may be vulnerable to shocks. Increasing the speed of emergency responses or strengthening market systems ahead of emergencies would potentially reduce the disaster impact on lives and livelihoods, and begin to address the longer term or chronic nature of poverty and vulnerabilities.

Share Your PCMMA Feedback

In order to improve the PCMMA guidance, we want to hear from you about your experiences in using the guidance. We are aiming to fully revise the PCMMA guidance in late 2015 based on feedback from practitioners who have piloted the guidance, so please do share your thoughts and experiences with the PCMMA. We have established an online feedback form, available here, and look to hold follow-up conference calls with PCMMA users to solicit additional input for revising the guidance.

PCMMA Launch Webinar – Learn More about PCMMA

The IRC and Oxfam are pleased to co-host a PCMMA launch webinar on Wednesday, February 25th from 9-10:30 am EST. Market practitioners and decision makers at country, regional or global levels are invited to join this exciting event. The webinar will include a presentation of the tool, background on the development of the PCMMA, as well as feedback from those who have already tested it in the field.

To register for the PCMMA Launch Webinar, please visit the registration page to sign-up for the event. Registrants will be sent WebEx login information prior to the event. To be as inclusive as possible, we would like to encourage anyone who has experience using the PCMMA Guidance in the field to share feedback before the event so we can incorporate that into the presentation. Please use the same online feedback form and submit your feedback by February 13th.

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