The Global WASH Cluster (GWC) provides operational support to National Humanitarian WASH Cluster Platforms (NHWCP) to ensure predictable, reliable and quality coordination support for disaster affected countries with ongoing WASH responses. 

The GWC endeavors to support all coordination platforms engaged with WASH responses, however the GWC mandate demands particular attention to coordination platforms where the WASH cluster has been activated or is in the process of activation.  The GWC prioritizes support to NHWCP through a bi-annual review of the NHWCPs (as seen on the GWC Priority Country List) based on humanitarian needs and the platform capacity to respond to those needs.  The priority country list is created considering external source information (UNICEF, IASC, ACAPS) and internal review of platform capacity (CCPM, Core Function review).

The GWC has developed a dashboard for tracking core data from NHWCP, the data is drawn from public documents and allows comparison between national WASH targets and fundraising.

The GWC and FST provide support in the three principle areas of coordination: coordination, information management and coordinated assessments.  Support is provided through three modalities: primarily through surge support through in-person or virtual deployment (two to three months) to national coordination platforms; global support to the NHWCP punctual remote task based support to individual coordination platforms , support to the FST consortium agencies to improve on humanitarian coordination skills and programs.

  1. Surge support for Deployments (in person or virtual) is when an FST member is dedicated to a coordination platform at the national or sub-national level.  Deployment duration depends upon the work required but is up to 2 months with the possibility to extend to a third month with reasonable justification.  Two key documents drive any deployment, a Standby Partner Request form (SBP Request) and a Terms of Reference (ToR). The deployment request process is relatively straightforward: 1. Discuss with GWC, 2. Complete the Stand By Partner (SBP) or FST request form 3. Include a Terms of Reference and send to
  1. Global support is rolled out as a series of thematic events during the HPC planning process to support NHWCP.  The events are announced by newsletter to the NHWCP on a quarterly basis. 
  2. Remote support is available through sending an email to including the following information:
  • What: one sentence that describes the expected result or deliverable
  • Who: the requested FST profile (Coordinator, Information Manager, Assessment Specialist)
  • When: deadline for deliverables
  • Period: estimated number of days to complete the task (0.5, 1, 2, 3, etc)
  • Description: if necessary a brief description and/or attachments

The request will be clarified by GWC through an email or call, if necessary, and then allocated to an FST to follow up with the requesting platform.

  1. Support to Consortium partners is done by internal request to the project.


  • The use of the generic Terms of Reference should only be done in the case of a rapid-breaking emergency.
  • The request mechanism is operated by Inter-Agency Humanitarian Partnership (IAHP), please make sure to copy for any WASH coordination requests (even if this address is not listed on the SBP form)
  • The GWC and the financial donor provide final approval for requested deployments. Requests are prioritized based upon the level of emergency.
  • Deployment requests to fill HR gaps will not be considered without a justification (HR gaps are when there is a predictable gap in coordination staffing such as end/renewal of contract, parental leave).

SBP or FST Request form Cluster Coordinator Generic ToRs Information Manager Generic ToRs


Thematic Areas of support

Modality of support Description
In-Country Support – Deployed support by a dedicated FST member Deployment of FST member (coordinator, information manager or assessment specialist) in the country for a period of 1 week up to 2 months – dependent on support requirements. In certain circumstances, an extension for one additional month may be granted. Requests procedures can be found in annex 1 (Requesting Procedure for FST Deployments).
Post-Deployment Support – Remote support to country following in-country deployment The FST member who has been deployed in a given country shall continue to provide a post-deployment remote support to this country for an additional guaranteed two-week period. Additional remote support beyond this period will depend on the availability of the FST member and CAST approval.
GWC Helpdesk – On demand remote support on specific issues NHWC platforms can ask any question related to any area of Operational Support to the GWC Helpdesk and a response will be provided within 24 hours. Request should be sent to .The Help Desk also provides regular webinar format meeting for coordinators and information managers on selected topics (more information can be found on annex 2).
CAST Advocacy and Operational Support – Secretariat support on high level issues CAST (WASH Cluster Coordinator and Deputy WASH Cluster Coordinator) can provide direct support to national platforms. Specialized support can be provided in the form of advocacy (country or global level), advisory support, CLA engagement and donor engagement. Communication can be through email and/or phone. In-country visits are possible to arrange based on criticality and availability.