1- Help desk on coordination

On-demand field support service for humanitarian WASH coordination practitioners

The Global WASH Cluster (GWC) Help Desk is a field support service for national WASH humanitarian coordination platforms to access rapid support on technical WASH Coordination issues. As part of the GWC Operational Support Framework, the Help Desk works in sync with other field support mechanism including in-country deployments, capacity building, and early warning monitoring.

Connect with the Help Desk

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Send us an email with a question or inquiry of support. Please provide enough information about the request and what type of support is needed. Put “Help Desk” in the subject line when sending your email.

Send all requests to: globalwashcluster@gmail.com

Connect with our skype group to join the global Help Desk Conversation.

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Join the GWC mailing list to receive regular updates from the Help Desk. In the sign-up form, ensure that you click the box that indicates you want to receive Help Desk Updates.

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2- Help desk on technical issues

Please visit https://knowledgepoint.org/en/about/