Terms of Reference - Academic Partner for a Gap Analysis in Emergency WASH Study 2020.

Terms of Reference - Accountability Partner – Support to Community Consultations for a Gap Analysis in Emergency WASH in 2020.

Questions and Answers:

1. Regarding remote data collection: 3.5.3 states that Oxfam will manage remote data collection. Does this mean that the partner cannot conduct any remote collection or that Oxfam will be conducting remote data collection focused on a discrete issue?

A. It was envisaged that the Implementation Lead, Oxfam, would lead on remote data collection under the guidance provided by the academic partner. We envisaged this to potentially include online surveys for WASH and other related professionals; this could also include key informant interview from the same group. This did not include online surveys/data collection/interview with people affected by humanitarian crises. At the same time, the Management Team is open to other options and applicants are encouraged to propose different approaches.

2. Budget: There are two numbers listed, 20K and 40K. Are these the total budget amounts or per activity budget amounts?

A. Accountability (and academic) partners have been asked each to develop 2 scenarios of activities that could be done with budgets of (i) 20K and (ii) 40K in order to be able to compare what can be done with these sums which represent approximate budgets that would be available.

3. Is the Accountability Partnership open to individuals to submit applications?

A. The ToRs envisage Accountability Partners that have presence in and can collect data from affected populations across a number of countries in humanitarian contexts. From this, it is unlikely that any one individual would have presence across multiple countries. Alternative proposals, as is outlined in the ToRs are welcome, following the requirements of the submission of applications