For this coming year’s meeting the focus will be on the Capacity of the WASH Sector. This topic has continued  grow in importance over the past few years and was accelerated during recent exchanges between the GWC, the Inter-Agency WASH Group and other key stakeholders about how we can collectively address some of the largest challenges facing our sector. The intended outcomes of this of this meeting is to have concrete and actionable recommendations at the end of 2 days which we will be presented to the Emergency Directors to get their support.

Day Agenda Participants
Monday, June 17 GWC Meeting Day 1
Morning: SAG Pre-Meeting
Morning: General Updates + Emergency Updates
Afternoon: Capacity of the Sector
GWC Members + key stakeholders
Tuesday, June 18 GWC Meeting Day 2 + EEHF
Morning: Capacity of Sector
Afternoon: Start of Emergency Environmental Health Forum (EEHF)
GWC Members + key stakeholders
Wednesday, June 19 EEHF
All day: Hosted by Inter-Agency WASH Group
Open registration
Thursday, June 20 High-level meeting with Emergency Directors
Presenting outcomes of 2-days of Capacity of Sector meeting
SAG/ CAST/  Inter-Agency WASH Group
Friday, June 21 SAG & Donors Follow-up Meetings SAG & CAST
  Morning: Donor roundtable with SAG
Afternoon: SAG Recap

If you have any questions or potential input on this year’s theme, please email Dominique ( In the coming months we will send out the registration information and an admin note with details on the venue.

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Market and cash based interventions are becoming a central aspect of the humanitarian response, including for the WASH sector.

The GWC has included Market and Cash as one of the priority topics for capacity building, and initiated the development of a 5 days residential Market Based Programming for WASH in Emergency (MBPWIE) training with the GWC TWiG on CASH and Market. The training modules were developed in 2018, with a first pilot delivered in Nairobi for the ESA region in Nov 2018.

Training material are now being revised based on lesson learned and feedback from first pilot. A second pilot is planned in September 2019 in Indonesia for the EAP region. A Training of trainer will be organized in 2020 to ensure roll out at global level.

It will be delivered by WASH and cash experts. It targets NGOs and UNICEF staff wishing to develop their knowledge and skills for cash and market based intervention for WASH.

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